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Marmelo has been successful in developing its wholesale business.

Its range of wholesale products with an emphasis on their local character and the traditions of Northern Greece is suitable for traders (delicatessen, groceries and other sales outlets) as well as wholesalers, and is available at competitive wholesale prices.




Among Marmelo’s range of wholesale products, the famous Kourabie Cookies from Kavala stand out. Their unique, authentic recipe with fresh butter and almonds roasted to perfection sets them apart from Kourabie cookies from other parts of Greece.

That is why Marmelo’s Kourabie Cookies from Kavala have acquired loyal friends both in Greece and abroad.

Kourabie Cookies from Kavala Crescents

Packaging of 340g

Kourabie Cookies from Kavala Crescents with Mastic Flavor

Packaging of 340gr

Kourabie Cookies from Kavala Bites

Packaging of 250g - 500g - 1000g

Kourabie Cookies from Kavala Mini Bites

Packaging of 100g

Greek Butter Cookies Pistachio

Packaging of 200g

Greek Butter Cookies Ouzo

Packaging of 200g

Greek Butter Cookies Mastic

Packaging of 200g

Greek Butter Cookies Cinnamon

Packaging of 200g

Greek Butter Cookies Chocolate

Packaging of 200g

Greek Butter Cookies Almond

Packaging of 200g


Marmelo traditional Greek coffee mainly consists of the Arabica variety from Brazil and Ethiopia. It is carefully roasted so that the grain is well roasted on the outside, while remaining slightly uncooked on the inside. This results in a characteristic sweetness which sets it apart from other types of coffee.

Greek Coffee

Packaging of 100g


Marmelo offers authentic Greek Mountain Tea from the Athos region. This tea is also known outside of Greece for its rich beneficial properties and is a component of the Mediterranean way of life and nutrition.

Mountain Tea

Packaging of 15g


For more information on our wholesale products and services, please contact us:

Tel: +30 2514 000 203

Ε-mail: sales@marmelo.gr

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